Fostering positive body image & preventing disordered eating in youth sport

December 1, 2021

[recording; slides]

Thanks to the gracious support of the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council’s Partnership Engage program and the Mitacs Accelerate program, NEDIC, Western University, and the University of Toronto were able to partner to develop a program that aims to foster positive body image and prevent disordered eating among girls engaged in youth sport.

While this new program, entitled Athletes Embodied, is still under development, sport stakeholders across Canada were invited to participate in focus groups last year and we’d love to share our initial findings with you.

In this one-hour webinar, attendees will:

  • learn about work underway to build tools for coaches, peer athletes, and sport organizations at the local, provincial, and national level to foster positive body image and prevent disordered eating in girls engaged in youth sport
  • review de-identified focus group results collected from 59 sport stakeholders across Canada
  • provide insight into key questions still remaining
  • be introduced to a new website hub where you can follow this work as it develops further

Exploring the nuances of disordered eating in athletics

December 10, 2019


The body is central to the experience of athletes and becomes a tool to be honed, sculpted, manipulated and optimized in a quest for improved performance. This attitude towards the body can engender unhealthy relationships with food and exercise which do not fit neatly into pathological categories, but are dysfunctional, nuanced and complex. In this webinar, Dr. Sarah Gairdner explores the varied manifestations of food and body distress which can occur for athletes (women, men and regardless of their sport).

In the gaze of others: social physique anxiety, exercise, and eating disorders

March 31, 2015


In this webinar, Eva Pila MSc reviews the latest research on social physique anxiety in exercise, sport, and physical education and discuss its impact on eating disorders. The webinar includes evidence-based strategies to reduce body-related anxiety that can be applied by parents, teachers, fitness instructors and health professionals.